Get that Star Look!

CLICK on anything in the photo, video or slideshow to find out what the Stars are wearing and the link will take you to where you can get it. Discover your favorite celebrity style secrets, where they hang out, and what they do in their real life – all just by clicking. The BEST part is these images are viral so they can be shared with friends by grabbing the embed code, emailing or adding to social media sites.

Splash and Hyperspots have partnered to provide publishers, advertisers and fans with a compelling new online experience. By creating a viral editorial experience that gives readers the inside details of what the stars are wearing, you can start engaging your target audience with this exciting new technology. This is an unique online opportunity geared toward viewers desire to know more about the content. Splash's ‘clickable’ content empowers your audience by creating a choice. At anytime, anywhere in the media, a viewer can click to find out more information. This enriched clickable world empowers the audience and enables advertising by choice – a revolutionary thought.

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